~ CHRISTMAS, The gift!

In December, it is time to remind ourselves why we are preparing for the holiday season, the reason we enjoy to rest and to give.

Maybe the best answer we can give to the priceless gift that God has made to us, to mankind, is to give back something precious. Our gifts, our time, attention and affection to those around us, carries in themselves the nature of the gesture that God has done for humanity by giving His own Son as a model of life for us and as a sacrifice for our sin.


So, in the spirit of the atmosphere of this moment of the year, we decided to share our joy with some of the children in Hosman (Sibiu), where we were housed in the Touching Lives for Jesus Ministry. To prepare for the celebration, we worked as a team : mothers and children together, to create decorations that express both the Christmas symbol and the joy, with patterns, color and glitter. Of course children received presents, carefully prepared to bring smiles on their faces , to sweeten the children and to stir their creativity.

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We thank those who have done this possible: to Eric Sutton, the team from Hosman (Sorin Boica, Adi Boica, Rita Covaci, Simona Valendorfean and Florica), to the children for the joy they shared and thanks to JESUS because we have reason to celebrate .

The Christmas surprise continued for this year of the Summer class students of Hosman thru the Partnership of Sibiu kids led by Daniela and Iuli, see more here also posted on the blog


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