Because we see the impact of arts in society, we have the desire of sustaining and promoting aristic activities and artists.

We believe, as our statement sais, that by supporting quality culture we serve those who have discovered that restoring the soul is a delicate process, best accomplished by the quality of beauty.
We have more ideas of engaging artists and presenting them to the public, therefore our desire is to take on the role of an intermediary or a introduction platform. We have not yet started or completed this process, so we just state it. We keep you posted on our progress.

For the moment, you can find resources here, as well as on the pages of the other articles on the site, that will lead to the pages of different artists that we have chosen for a first presentation.

Of course you can communicate directly with the artist on his/her page if you are interested.

Being in the process of organizing this project we are opened to receive your contribution, please contact us.

For the project schedule ask for information here.

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