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Technically, we celebrate the holidays with happyness, joy, having fun, but this is not always the case. There are many people who associate Hollydays with sadness, loneliness, a heavy heart and depression. Depression is an emotion of abandonment, of distorted perception of ones own abilities, which now seems to be replaced by the conviction of the inability to do something .

If you have one or more of these thoughts look for help, the good news is that this emotional condition can be overcomed with help. The reasons why people can get into depression are extremely different: real or perceived loneliness. There are individuals that are actually physically alone, just as there are people who, although surrounded by people, feel extremely lonely, misunderstood and not valued by others. And this feeling is pressing in while in holidays, when the “fever” of the preparations increases every day and when everyone will spend holidays with someone (family, friends, colleagues) – the pressure of the holiday idea associated with the state of well-being and happiness. This pressure is also due to the unrealistic, enchanting image of Christmas (Holidays, vacation days, etc.).

“Advertising Happiness” is not about real life. Depression “enters the door” precisely through the difference that we feel between what we have imagined (projected) and the reality that may sometimes contradict this projection. We do not have buttons to set us on happiness or to cancel our depression! But we have the fantastic advantage of thinking and especially of feeling. Here, too, is the solution: we can think and feel differently (we can even seek to correct the unrealistic projections and see that they can be corrected by taking the simple decision not to compare what we live with something imposed by the media, commercials, marketing) . Discontent and lack of satisfaction no longer have the power to deform the objective or correct understanding of our lives, from the moment we discover that reality is more credible and it worths more than a commercial. The results are the following – you become more positive and more optimistic. Financial pressure can help deepen frustration and depression, knowing that people want to mark important moments by offering to others and offering themselves gifts (by preparing a traditional meal, gifting their loved ones, etc.).

What can we do? • We can concentrate on the present, live as much as we can NOW. Try to rediscover your life through the prospect of being thankfull. Rejoice in rediscovering that what you have is a source of contentment. Focusing on your own unhappiness is a waste of time and energy. We can always find people we can help and this makes us feel useful. We can multiply those activities that please us: taking walks, listen to music, reading … anything. We can search for motivational resources in reading something that lifts our spirit, make more activities in nature, close to beautiful things that have a real value. Motivational resources can bring some changes in these situations that can redirect us completely, even the things we might think that can’t be redirected.

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